Raconteurs d’histoires : récits de la nation

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Responding: New Stories, New Myths

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Lawren Harris
Maligne Lake, Jasper Park
image of artwork
Jin-me Yoon: Group of Sixty-Seven, (detail). 1996-1997.
138 cibachrome photographs, each 40 x 50 cm. Collection of the artist.
image of artwork
Lawren Harris: Maligne Lake, Jasper Park, 1924.
Oil on canvas. 122.8 x 152.8 cm. Collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

Jin-me Yoon was born in Seoul, Korea, in 1960. She emigrated to Canada in 1968 and currently lives in Vancouver, where she teaches at Simon Fraser University's School for the Contemporary Art. Her art is photo-based. She likes to question meanings and images of place and landscape that are taken for granted.

For A Group of Sixty-Seven, Yoon invited 67 members of Vancouver's Korean community to be photographed looking out from Lawren Harris' Maligne Lake, Jasper Park. They were also photographed looking at Emily Carr's Old Time Coast Village. The project title makes reference to the Group of Seven, of which Harris was a part, who in the early decades of this century attempted to produce an identifiably "Canadian" art.

Yoon's work is not a critique of the work of Carr and Harris. Rather, it asks questions about the way certain images of Canadian identity and landscape have been made to seem natural. Yoon's photographs make us ask: Where do Korean Canadians fit in these "natural" images of Canada by Harris and Carr? Her work directly questions identity and constructed myths of history and culture.