Telling Stories: Narratives of Nationhood

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My Art: Personal Identities in Art

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Micah Lexier
Book Sculptures
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image of artwork
Micah Lexier, Book Sculptures: Three Generations (Female), 1993. Photographs, cardboard, wood, paper. 175.3 x 182.9 x 30.5 cm. Collection of CCAG.


 mixed media

Micah Lexier was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, then obtained a Master's degree at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His work has always explored identity. Earlier work, for example, looked at dictionary illustrations from between the 1930s and 1950s, playing with the depiction of social roles and stereotypes. Lexier's interest in themes of relationships, families, and identities partly stems from his personal experience.

The two works are from his series "Book Sculptures," which documents relationships between people. These particular works depict mothers and daughters standing back to back. The series explores how people connected by blood, circumstance, and friendship physically relate to each other. We also come to see and understand ourselves in relation to the others around us, the relationships we have with our families and our friends. Artist Micah Lexier's subject matter is the process of growing up and growing older, and the influence of family - and generations of family - on who we are.